It is a high tech product, light, flexible, tolerant to the sun, with UV filters and durability in difficult weather conditions.

It is used in: atriums, several types of housetops, greenhouses, gyms, swimming pools and industrial buildings.

  • Components for Polycarbonates:
  • Closures “U”

  • Linkages “H”

  • Waterproofing Caps

  • Sealing Tapes


Available in:

Solid with 2UV Protection

  • Dimensions: 1,25×2,50m for 1mm sheets

                          | 2,05×3,05m | 2,05×6,10m 

  • Thickness: 1mm – 15mm

  • Colours: Transparent, opal, bronze.

Hollow with 2UV Protection

  • Dimensions: 2,10×6,00 m | 2,10×7,00m |2,10x6,00 m
  • Thickness: 4mm – 16mm
  • Colours: Transparent, opal, blue, bronze, green, grey.
Κυψελωτά Πολυκαρβονικά